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India’s first Fuelling App Experience contactless fuelling, shop online and offline, make payments, travel with ease, and do a lot more.

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Ongo – India’s First Fuelling App that offers convenience and solutions for transit, shopping, and payments

Ongo App offers the convenience of fuelling, transit, shopping, e-commerce, and offline payments. The app is simple to use and has a hassle-free one-time registration process with digital KYC verification for new users. Money can be loaded in the Ongo app using debit and credit cards, UPI, and net banking. Ongo App provides a complimentary Rupay card within the app. This card is accepted across 6.5 million+ merchant outlets that accept Rupay in India. The online transactions are secured with a one-time password and instant SMS alerts are generated for every transaction.

Ongo – Contactless Fuelling Payment

The Contactless Fuelling solution by Ongo is available at Partner fuel outlets across India. This technology is powered with an RFID tag and Rupay cards to identify the vehicle and link it to the specific consumer. Users can register one or more vehicles and define pre-set fuelling limits for them on Ongo App. The app also offers a Pump locator feature which provides the location of the nearest partner fuelling stations.

Online Payment with Rewards

The app offers coupons and vouchers across categories like e-commerce, apparel, travel, entertainment, food and beverages, grocery, mobile and electronics, and many others. The Ongo card can be managed directly from the app to change PIN, set transaction limits, block/deactivate/activate the card, order a physical card and get card details.


What is the validity of the Ongo prepaid card?

Ongo Prepaid card comes with a validity of 3 years.

Can the Ongo prepaid card be personalized?

Yes. The personalized card can be requested through the Ongo app.

Can I use the Ongo prepaid card for online transactions?

Yes. You can use the Ongo prepaid card for making online payments.

Is there a minimum balance that needs to be maintained in the Ongo prepaid card?

No, there is no requirement to maintain a minimum balance on the Ongo prepaid card. The entire balance on the card can be used.

What if my Ongo card is lost or stolen?

The loss of the Ongo prepaid card can be reported through the Ongo App or by calling Customer Care at 1800-267-6646. A replacement card can be requested and it will be issued. The balance amount available on the card will be transferred to the replacement card. Replacement charges of Rs. 100 plus service charges will be levied.

What is a PIN?

PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a 4-digit unique password required to authenticate POS transactions with the card. Never share this with anyone.

How can I generate/change my PIN?

You can reset the PIN using Ongo app or request for PIN re-issuanceby calling Customer Care at 1800-267-6646.