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RuPay National Common Mobility Card

Experience the future of hassle-free payments with the Namma (BMRCL) Metro RBL Bank NCMC card.

A unique prepaid card that provides an all-in-one payment solution for seamless travel, dining, shopping, and more with interoperability across India.

Unique Transit Card

Looking for a transit card for your daily commute? The Namma (BMRCL) Metro RBL Bank NCMC card offers a one-stop solution for travel, dining, shopping, fuel, parking/toll, and more across various merchant categories, both online and offline.

This card is a national common mobility (NCMC) card under the “One Nation, One Card” program of the Government of India. It is an open-loop, contactless, and tap-and-pay card that is interoperable across India, moving a step closer to transforming and unifying the transit ecosystem.

 Key Features

  • Available across Namma (BMRCL) Metro stations and select RBL Bank branches.
  • Easy recharge at metro stations, Namma Metro App and portal, and select RBL branches.
  • Secure contactless smart card.
  • Works seamlessly even in low network areas, such as underground metro stations, parking lots, etc.
  • Acceptance across merchant outlets in India where RuPay is accepted.
  • Enables hassle-free payments for travel, fuel, dining, shopping, and much more.

Get your Namma (BRMCL) Metro Card at Bengaluru Metro Station Counters and select RBL Bank branches.


Terms and Conditions

Customer Service:

1800 267 6646

022 71209091


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How do I get the Namma (BMRCL) Metro RBL Bank NCMC prepaid card?

You can get the Namma (BMRCL) Metro RBL Bank NCMC prepaid card by
• Downloading the BMRCL RBL Bank NCMC Mobile App

• Logging in to the web portal

Can I apply for the card online?

Yes. Follow these steps to apply for the card online.
• Download the BMRCL RBL Bank NCMC App from Google Play Store or access the web portal
• Enter KYC details on the app or web portal.
• A Registration Number will be generated.
• Visit the nearest Bengaluru Metro Station or RBL Bank Branch and provide the registration number. After OTP authentication, the Namma (BMRCL) Metro RBL Bank NCMC card will be activated and given to the cardholder.

How can I add money to the card?

You can add money to the card using any one of the options:
• Online Wallet Top up - Cardholders can load the money to the card through a Mobile App/Web Portal with the ‘Top Up’ option using the Net banking/debit card/credit card/UPI.

• Offline Wallet Top up via Cash- Cardholders may also approach the BMRCL TOM (Ticket Office Machine) Counter/ RBL Bank Branch to top-up the card balance (money load transaction).

• Online to Offline Wallet Fund Transfer - Customers can transfer the funds from online to offline wallet through the Mobile App/Web Portal under the ‘Fund Transfer’ option. After successful Fund Transfer, the cardholder must tap the card on the BMRCL CTT Self-Service Kiosk to write the balance on the card. Cardholders can also approach the TOM counter for balance update on offline wallet.