Ongo is a fast-growing digital payment platform in India. It provides an omni-channel payment platform to corporates, merchants and consumers, offering payment-as-a-convenience.

Launched in 2015 by AGS Transact Technologies Ltd., Ongo ecosystem comprises an all-in-one POS platform for accepting digital payments via various form factors including Bharat QR, UPI, RFID and Debit/credit/prepaid Cards; various Ongo applications for merchants and a Ongo Prepaid platform for consumers.

Introduced in April 2021, Ongo open-loop prepaid cards can be used by consumers to pay for transactions such as online and offline shopping and fuelling. Additionally, some of the key offerings include Cash@PoS facility, Merchant Application and Portal namely Paytrack, Loans against card receivables, Ongo Prepaid and Ongo Rewards, (loyalty programs) and Ongo Billing++ (a billing software).

Ongo has pioneered Integrated Payment Solutions (IPS) with OMCs for streamlining payments at fuel retail outlets. As of March 31, 2022, 236,588 Ongo PoS terminals have been deployed across sectors out of which 46,685 Ongo PoS terminals are deployed at OMCs.

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India Transact Services Limited (ITSL)

India Transact Services Ltd. (ITSL), Subsidiary of AGS Transact Technologies Ltd., is an Omni-channel merchant digital payment solutions company that aims to consistently simplify the process of Transacting, Merchant Acquisition and Value Added Services.

Providing cutting-edge technology and innovative payment solutions to a fast-growing merchant base across India, ITSL offers a host of products and services including payment processing platform for routing commercial and retail payments between buyers and sellers across the country via unique distribution model.

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