Ongo Mini Atm
Ongo Mini-ATM or Cash@POS is a facility where debit cardholders can withdraw cash by swiping their debit/prepaid cards (issued in India) at POS Terminals at merchant locations.

The facility is activated at identified Ongo merchants and at the merchant’s request to disburse cash up to a maximum of ₹ 2000/card/day. Minimum ₹ 100 & Maximum ₹ 2000 per card per day (As per RBI guidelines) in multiples ₹ 100/-. Debit Cards of all Banks/Issuers ready to support Cash@POS transactions can be swiped to avail the facility. Currently, Debit Cards of all major banks, including Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, etc. in India and public sector banks, State Bank Group Debit cards will be accepted on our POS Terminals for Cash@POS.


This facility has been widely accepted as it makes transactions notably convenient. Making money transactions way easier than before, Mini ATM has enabled the recycling of cash with the merchants.

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