We are Happy to inform you that the Performance of the Ongo PoS machines installed at our various SHOWROOMS are working very good and the Service/Response to our call from the TEAM is EXCEPTIONALLY SUPERB in sorting out the issues if any arises without any delay. We thank the team and expect the same service in future also.

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It’s been more than 3 years now working in association with India Transact Services Limited. It’s been a great experience working together in the digital field with new and innovative Ongo products that have been introduced from time to time. I have been associated with many companies in the past and this is one company that I would like to continue working with for the simple reason that they are always there whenever required for support whether in the market or at the backend. Customer support & service is high on their priority list due to which the company would go a long way moving forward.

On this fantastic 5th anniversary of India Transact, I greatly appreciate and value the hard work and effort put in by team India Transact. I am also honored to be a part of this team as a channel partner in making India digital. I wish India Transact continues the journey of success with pride and determination.

We would sincerely like to appreciate the efforts taken by India Transact team during this pandemic to take every possible measure to ensure that the business continues. Kudos to Ongo, India Transact team, and AGS!

We have been associated with Transact since the last 4 years. We really enjoy the flexibility which India Transact provides in terms of day to day operations. The openness, positive outlook, and result orientation of the employees are highly appreciated. We look forward to many more years of mutually beneficial business partnership with Ongo.